The Well-Traveled Home

The well-traveled home is both beautiful and practical. Useful and enjoyable. Uncluttered but lavish. Items are purchased for use, not just for the sake of buying stuff. An example would be a basket that holds blankets in the living room that can also be used practically when heading to the farmer’s market. It is a beautiful wood cutting board that is not just displayed in the kitchen but actually used. 


The well-traveled home has a secondary benefit of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Well-produced, high-quality products last longer and are therefore kept longer because their rate of wear is less. Think of a linen duvet cover, a leather or waxed cotton tool roll, or a sheepskin rug from Iceland. These items will last years, if not a lifetime. This translates to well-loved pieces that do not need to be purchased frequently and do not end up discarded and in our landfills. 



We seek out products that are lovingly produced by skillful human hands and, as such, will have slight variations in design and size. Each design will be unique. This is a natural occurrence and the lasting beauty of one-of-a-kind handmade goods. 

Skill is beautiful. Imperfections are beautiful. Handmade is beautiful. Perfectly imperfect.