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We are passionate about showcasing the incredible artisans who bring the handcrafted products on our website to life. Every item in our store is a testament to the skill and creativity of the artisans behind them.

By supporting Overland Home, you are bringing exceptional products into your home and making a positive impact in the lives of artisans worldwide. We believe in fair trade practices and strive to ensure that every artisan is paid a fair wage.



Yatta, Kenya
60 employees
Founded in 1993

East of Nairobi, Kenya lies a small community high on the Yatta plateau. Located in the arid region of Machakos County, Yatta is the home of our basket weaving artisan partners. Each day, the women gather in small groups to practice the traditional craft of basket weaving. This time-honored process Is passed down through generations of women and remains largely unchanged today.

Their baskets are made using fibers of the sisal plant, an abundant local cactus. The women manage the entire supply chain from growing and harvesting the sisal to spinning, dyeing and weaving.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
185 employees
Founded in 2006

Ethiopia’s bustling capital, Addis Ababa, is a vibrant city where ancient meets modern.  Ultra-contemporary skyscrapers are springing up across it’s skyline, but, in most homes, traditional ceremonies and handcrafted items still feature prominently in everyday life.  

With a median age of just 19.5, many worry about the future of Ethiopia’s craft heritage as young adults are drawn more to offices and modern factories.   
Thankfully, a close-knit team in one of Addis Ababa’s quieter suburbs is proving that traditional craft techniques are still relevant - and coveted - in today’s modern world. Since 2006, a small group of weavers has expanded to over 185 artisans crafting absolutely exquisite textiles using only locally sourced natural fibers on the same looms passed down through generations. 

Kerala, India
75 employees
Founded in 1995

In a quiet village in southwest India, a talented team of weavers use handlooms and techniques passed through generations to create exquisitely soft linen. It’s a truly global collaboration that brings together Europe’s best flax with India’s textile expertise.  According to the artisans, the secret lies in their small batch production and the attention that goes into each piece of fabric.  It also lies in the well-worn stones used to soften these natural fibers into the classic ‘stone-washed’ linen that we all know and love.

Nyahurura, Kenya
10 employees
Founded in 1981

Nyahururu lies in Kenya’s rolling highlands known for its rich farmland and stunning waterfalls. At nearly 8,000 feet above sea level, the exceptionally cold climate inspired a tradition of woolwork that has been passed through generations of families. Joseph still uses looms built by his father over 30 years ago and is working hard to ensure his skills are passed down to the community’s younger generations. While the techniques may be unchanged, Joseph has modernized his supply chain and now sources the very best wool from across East Africa. He also has a vision of building an institute where people can come to learn the art of woolwork and weaving.  Like so many of our artisan partners, his vision is to provide skills and livelihood while preserving the craft of his forefathers.

Tunis, Tunisia
5 employees
Founded in 2017

Hela and her mother lead a group of women in Tunisia’s capital as they work to create beautiful yet minimalist designs inspired by their Berber heritage. Most of these women are survivors of domestic violence and are using their new embroidery skills to build confidence and financial independence. Hela and her mother see this as a perfect solution to two pressing issues; they are opening doorways for disempowered women all while preserving artistic culture.  

Lusaka, Zambia
12 employees
Founded in 1984

Led by their passionate lady boss, Martha, this cooperative of 12 women have become expert textile artisans.  On the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia, they work with handmade looms and only the finest locally sourced natural fibers to create pieces that are truly unique in the region. Martha attended a weaving workshop in 1984 and eventually opened her own studio where she strives to support local women and farmers alike. She has trained hundreds of women since the early 90s and is committed to using only Zambian cotton sourced directly from farmers. 

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