Overland Home is the passion project of Overland Journal magazine’s co-founding member and designer, Stephanie Brady. The goal of Overland Home is to provide beautiful, unique, and well-designed products from artisans around the globe. We curate meaningful items for the home with a focus on natural materials and time-honored techniques. When you purchase from Overland Home, you become part of the story of those who help support communities and artisans worldwide. 


It started with a cup. An espresso cup, to be exact. In 2009, a group of friends and I drove from our home base in Northern Arizona to Panama, crossing through Mexico and all the Central American countries to gather content for the magazine. Round about Guatemala, we stopped at a lovely seaport called Rio Dulce for lunch. While we waited for our table, I noticed a group of ladies selling handmade ceramics. I purchased two espresso cups (which I still use today) from those ladies, and the idea was born. In that instant, I knew that someday I would launch a second business with the goal of helping support local artisans and provide goods, handmade with love and the local traditions, to the then-developing tribe called the Overlanders.


Months became years and then a decade, but I always remembered my dream. I would often think about it, recalling very fondly my travels through Europe, Iceland, Central and South America, and Africa, and with each new trip, putting more things on my mental list of items that I knew would be beautiful in people’s homes. After 15 years of building Overland Journal, the time was feasible to scale back my duties and launch Overland Home. I am beyond delighted to be able to merge helping to provide and care for local artisans and sharing with you my passion for creating a well-traveled home. 

Stephanie Brady
Founder and CEO of Overland Home LLC
Co-founder of Overland Journal and Expedition Portal


Stephanie standing next to a ship
wreck on the shores of Iceland.